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contemporary painting, illustration and textile design


paintings, drawings and textiles

painting, drawings, textiles, contemporary art


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upon layers

Kirsty Warman

Upon Layers_gwp5493.jpg

Upon Layers, 2018. Acrylic on canvas - 1200 x 1200 mm

“I want to fall to sleep with you, 
and I could care less
whether it is in
layers upon layers
of clothing
or only our skin -
all I really want is to wake up
not knowing
where I end and you begin.”

- Beau Taplin, ‘A Goodnight’

Upon Layers is on its way to Sydney to its new owners x

to be seen, but not heard, 2017

Kirsty Warman

To be seen, but not heard 2017
acrylic on canvas
900 x 900 mm

This painting is included in the exhibition Miscellanea, a joint show alongside Jane Shriffer opening 8th April at The Artists Room, 2 Dowling Street, Dunedin from 12 noon - 2 pm

it is about play

Kirsty Warman

I am going to declare, I cannot believe the time it takes to create.

It is about PLAY, experimenting and developing in creating designs that naturally belong on fabric. A practiced line, a surrealistic drawing, mark making, pattern or simple continuity - whichever - the design/ drawing needs to establish a connection to a tactile form. 

We went to town on the dog design - flipped, repeated and flipped again - over easy

GWP9621_dog_design 3_black on white_1500px.jpg

flip and repeat

What are your thoughts?