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painting, drawings, textiles, contemporary art


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aside, artist adonna khare

Kirsty Warman

Aside, it is incredibly important for an artist/ creative to find inspiration, a rumble of ingenuity and a flash of insight. These surrealistic drawings are a collection of the whimsical and the curious, you will find yourself returning to the artwork only to discover more. Here I present you with American artist Adonna Khare whose predominant tool of choice is the carbon pencil.

Here is a sneak peak at Khare's studio space where we get a sense of the sheer scale of her works, it is a slice of voyeuristic wonder for me. 

Adonna Khare's website, here

artist&florist - Marie Emilsson workspace

Kirsty Warman


This is the home workspace of Marie Emilsson, artist and florist based in Varberg, Sweden. 

My paintings have become part of my everyday life, that I need regularly to feel good. But it requires some discipline, especially now in spring when the garden attracts around the clock. For me it has become a lifestyle to have many balls in the air. Sometimes it is incredibly intense periods.

Aside, check out the owl wallpaper and the ants in her child's Loui's room. Love it.